Foto Hotel Interalpen a Passo Foscano-Livigno
Foto Hotel Interalpen a Passo Foscano-Livigno
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Bormio spa resort

Wellness for both the body and mind at the Bormio spa resort

Right from its origins, Bormio has been renowned for its therapeutic, spa water. It is not by chance that one of its most famous and suggestive sources, the Plinian Spring, takes its name from the ancient Roman writer, Pliny the Elder, who lived in the 1st century A.D. and was an enthusiast of natural things.

From the ancient Roman baths through the Middle Ages right up to modern times, the town has become a synonym of physical and spiritual health as well as, over the centuries, a wellness tourism destination. Here, our hotel, located so close to the Bormio Spa Resort, enables you to explore all three spa centres.

The Old Baths


The Old Baths in the Bormio spa resort propose a veritable dive back into the past. They are divided into six sectors which go from the ancient Roman Baths right up to the age-old caves and the outdoor panoramic swimming pool, overlooking the Bormio basin.

The New Baths


On the other hand, the New Baths in Bormio offer more than 30 different spa services, including seven outdoor tubs and swimming pools. These are available all-year-round and are immersed in a large, sun-kissed garden, completing the largest outdoor mountain spa resort.

Bormio Spa Resort


The Bormio Spa Resort is very close to the historical city centre and has specialised in spa treatments since 1920; the Bormio Spa Resort is perfect for both adults and children. It provides dedicated swimming and fitness courses for people of all ages, for a range of the therapeutic specialisations, which are also covered by the National Health Service.

Each facility offers different health, wellness holistic and beauty treatments: massage, treatment programs and ad hoc therapies. Come and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and immerse yourself in this thousand-year-old location of natural treatment and relaxation, making the most of each and every benefit it has to offer in a real and proper wellness holiday along the Foscagno Pass, which is approximately only 25 minutes from Bormio.

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