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Summer activities

Book your fresh summer mountain holiday in Livigno

Livigno is also called Little Tibet, due to the height at which it is located as well as its morphological characteristics which are somehow rather similar to those found in Tibet.

For those who love mountain holidays in summer, this is an ideal pre-requisite, as the weather is cool and pleasant and the height at which this area is located gives athletes the chance to train and gain many benefits from this experience.

The sports and activities that can be carried out in Livigno in summer include:

Cycling and Mountain biking

Where there are mountains, there are hills.

And where there are hills, there are cyclists who want to challenge fatigue.

From this point of view, the Upper Valtellina valley is perfect for both road cycling (along the Gavia, Stelvio and Mortirolo mountain passes to name just a few) and mountain biking, the staunchest ally of which is the Mottolino Bike Park.


One hairpin bend after another. Hairpin bends and breath-taking views.

Many motorcyclists find these and much more every summer when they come to Alta Rezia and Livigno for their motorbike tours.

There are so many itineraries to follow in the surrounding areas and the Interalpen Hotel is the perfect place to have a stopover.

Hiking and Trekking

There are fixed-rope routes, glacier tours, photo safaris held in natural parks as well as many other itineraries all of which are worth discovering; there are countless possibilities to go on hiking and trekking trips in summer in Livigno and the surrounding areas.

Family activities

Those who travel with children will be very happy to know that Livigno it is very well-organised when it comes to family holidays.

The most appreciated services include the Lupigno Kinder Club (a paid service), where children are involved in interesting recreational and nature discovery activities as well as the Larix Park, which is an adventure park immersed deep among the larches, providing ideal amusement of both adults and children.

The Bernina National Park and the Bernina Express (Little Red Train)

Without doubt, we cannot forget about nature.

Nature is actually the unrivalled protagonist of summer time in Livigno.

In order to appreciate it in the best possible way, you can visit the Stelvio National Park or plan a trip on the Little Red Train (Bernina Express), the World Heritage site which takes you to St. Moritz, bordering with the Swiss National Park.

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